Telerik RadControls – MOSS installation

June 27, 2008
1) Install AJAX 1.0 controls for .NET
2) Install RadControls
3) Install RadControls Help file
4) Open the help file and browse the contents for ‘Integrating RadControls in MOSS’ and follow steps.
Quite straight forward really.

OWSTimer Hogging Max Processor Time in VMWare

June 24, 2008

I had an issue with this process maxing out my processor – Something to do with time not syncing according to Paul Devenney’s blog.  This fix has worked for me though.

IE crashes when opening a Word document from SharePoint

June 16, 2008

This hotfix has fixed my problem.  My local PC had 2003 and 2007 Office products installed which confused things a bit.

Up and running

June 13, 2008

So…. after a disk failure, a VM switch failure, running out of electricity and a catastrophic MOSS service pack installation failure (upgraded the binaries without upgrading the database – Doh!), I have now built my SharePoint 2007 development environment and…. and it appears to be working!